“We have a rule!
Siempre que puedas brillar más,

Fine Jewelry & Luxury Piercing

We want you to allow yourself every day:

  • We share our shine unapologetically.
  • We support other women and celebrate their successes.
  • We materialize our projects.
  • We enjoy our own company.
  • We take care of our mental and physical health.
  • We are very proud of our roots.
  • We do not forget that in addition to being mothers, daughters, bosses or wives, WE ARE WOMEN.

We are a brand of Fine Jewelry and Luxury Piercings that has as purpose to make that each woman feel authentic, f ree and full of magic being herself.

A wide selection of exclusive designs to create the perfect curated ear: helix, conch, lobe,
tragus, daith, rook and we also have nose rings, belly, tongue and eye brow.